A better way for files.

Track, Share, & Update

A file management app created for businesses with the need to organize, sort, and easily search dozens or thousands of downloadable documents quickly.

Managing your downloads shouldn't be complicated.

Turnout offers a flexible download management system for multiple file types, providing your company, employees, and clients with quick access to your marketing materials or other documentation.

Track, share, and update the documents that are important to your business without hassling different departments for simple document updates.

How Turnout Works

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Document & URL Features

  • Assign documents to multiple URLs, each URL tracked separately.
  • Easily update documents without the need to change a vanity URL.
  • Simple activation and deactivation of URLs via the Control Panel.
  • Efficiently search for documents and view statistics for each download.
  • Quickly add and remove approved users.

As a self-hosted solution, there is no need to worry about monthly fees, bandwidth limitations, or service up-time.

Powerful Control Panel Tools


Analytics Tracking



Document management made simple.

The Turnout admin interface allows access to your entire library of documents, making it easy to update documents, create new download links, or track usage rates for the existing documents. Turnout removes the need for duplication by sharing a single file across multiple links to save time, while still tracking each link separately.

Turnout offers a full-range of benefits:

  • Permanent link writer, with built-in QR code generator.
  • Download tracking for success and usage measurement.
  • Mobile-friendly, web-based control panel for access anywhere.
  • Robust API interface for download lists and details.
  • Self-hosted solution for full-control and document ownership.